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2Industrial process

We achieve better results for our product photography assignments by better focusing, steady use of tripods and other equipment like the softening
hot lamps, speed lights, flash strobes and diffusing accessories to diffuse the light as and when required. Our ability to control the power, shape, size, and position of lighting gives us much greater control over how the photos will look.
We employ the right usage of image editing soft wares for better results. We provide a special attention towards our positioning, backgrounds, reflections of the photograph. We also keep in mind where, and in which medium the photograph is going to be used.

2Industrial product

Industrial processes may involve a number of dynamic steps within themselves. They also may have a process flow across a longitudinal or vertical assembly line. And the challenge of photographing at each of these steps differs at each point. The lighting differs, the sizes, points of views, emphasis at each step – differ. To decipher these differences and treating them is our job. Ask for our portfolio of Industrial process photography.  


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