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Photographing the form of the architecture offers an overwhelming and dramatic effect. It can portray the style of architecture-as modern, traditional or ethnic. For a real architectural photographer, right portrayal of the building details is a true craftsmanship. These details are not the one to be missed.
Illustrative architectural photography renders the structure a different and dramatic use, which helps to draw the viewer ‘in’. This is often useful for advertizing or commercial usage.
Usage, geographical location, lighting, timelines, postproduction work and form of final deliverable are the factors which define and govern a good architectural photography assignment and its charges.



The secret of good interior photography is to have as few different types of light sources as possible within the area you are capturing.
The balancing of the various light sources is important to make the photograph look correct and appealing to the eye. If there are large areas lit by daylight, areas away from the windows need to be lit by using flash photography to achieve a good overall colour balance.

We take a great care in the way we use lighting, ensuring good photographic depth is produced to show different areas or separate rooms.

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