Milind Dhere’s professional studio,’Roop Art’ commenced operations in 1987.
By that time, he had gained quite a few years of professional experience in photographing Children portraits, humans; and had a stint of covering industrial products and architectural creations.

The year 2009 triggered the travel photographer within him, and obviously the Calendar art followed.
In each of these subjects and fields, he had different triggers, inspirations and motivations. Hailing from a litterateur’s family, he had seen renowned thinkers, authors and philosophers interacting with his father, R.C.Dhere - the acclaimed authority on Indology - better described as a single person university.
An unintentional observation of the expressions and body language of these renowned Visitors to his father taught him the essence of portrait photography.

His earlier experience of architectural and structural drafting infused in him, a sense of parallels and perpendiculars - which ultimately helped him to use effective angles while photographing architectural creations. A photography oriented expedition to Ladakh in 2009 inspired him to experience a bigger canvass-the nature itself.

He has become more fastidious with his assignments and topics. His experience of all the years, by now has also made his photographic expression more incisive and honest to the needs of his assignments.

In last decade, he has worked for many corporate houses, architects, models, litterateurs, children, landscapes and industrial houses.

He is backed by a professional team and a well equipped studio.


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